Harmony Kids Relaxation EXPANSION Pack

Harmony Kids Relaxation EXPANSION Pack

Harmony Kids Relaxation EXPANSION Pack

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The Harmony Kids Relaxation Expansion Pack is the perfect add-on to expand your mindfulness toolkit to bring relaxation to kids! The pack includes everything you need to offer age appropriate and developmentally appropriate tools to help the child learn to relax their body, mind and re-connect with their heart.

Your Relaxation Expansion Pack Includes:

  • Introduction and Kit Overview Video
  • 1 Saje Natural Wellness Children’s Relaxation Aromatherapy Mist
  • 1 Relaxation Snuggle Buddy
  • 1 Hippo Hug Kids Weighted Lap Pad
  • 1 Supported Soul Kids Yoga Mat (Machine Washable!)

Your Relaxation Expansion Pack also comes with demo videos including insider tips and instruction guides to make implementing these tools simple for busy Educators, Caregivers and Healthcare Professionals with no prep or planning required!

This Expansion Pack is the perfect add on to the Relaxation Starter Kit, to expand your options and add tools kids love to use! For further savings, check out the DELUXE Relaxation Kit offering over $50.00 in savings!


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