Virtual Group Workshop: Mindful Self Care for Educators

Virtual Group Workshop: Mindful Self Care for Educators

Virtual Group Workshop: Mindful Self Care for Educators

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Are you an Educator that is ready to learn self care practices that will improve your well being? The Mindful Self Care for Educators Course goes beyond typical self care practices like bubble baths and chocolates, in order to address unique challenges that are specific to Educators. In this course, Educators will have an opportunity to learn how mindful self care can support their well being and then develop their own personalized self care resource guide.


Throughout the course, you will be introduced to twelve simple daily mindful self care practices that range from breathwork, mindset exercises, stress release movements, and meditation exercises. After each practice, Educators will reflect on their unique experiences, which will result in a personalized resource guide of tools to easily establish your own daily Mindful Self Care practice.


Discover the many benefits of Mindful Self Care that are specific to the unique challenges that Educators face. You will learn how Mindful Self Care tools differ from traditional self care practices and why developing self awareness and setting healthy boundaries are crucial for Educators in today’s world.


In order to care for others, Educators must first take care of themselves, but it is not always easy to incorporate self care into our busy lives. By using the simple evidence-based mindfulness practices in this course, Educators will be supported and empowered to develop a long-term self care practice.

 Bonus: this 2 Hour Long Course comes with a Personalized Certificate of Completion

The goal of this dynamic course is to help Educators improve their personal health and well being, as well as establish a successful support system by sharing their favorite practices with colleagues, friends or family. Mindfulness tools have been shown decrease anxiety and depression and boost emotional intelligence, resilience, and feelings of self-worth for people of all ages!


The course is taught by Jennie Abbot, Founder and Director of Harmony Kids Yoga Mindfulness Company. Jennie has shared the tools and techniques demonstrated in the course with over 75,000 children to date, ranging between the ages of 1-18 years old in a variety of educational settings. Jennie is the mother of two mindful kids and her life passion is sharing the joy of yoga and mindfulness with people everywhere, so they can live healthy and fulfilling lives!

 Learning Outcomes Include:

  • Mindfulness and Self Care definitions and how they can specifically support Educators
  • Learn a variety of different benefits of Mindful Self Care
  • Outline limitations of Mindful Self Care and when to seek other supports
  • How and when to incorporate simple mindful self care practices to support Educators’ well being
  • Overview and hands-on practice of 12 simple tools for emotional and physical wellness
  • Breathing Techniques to establish daily self care practices
  • Mindful Awareness and Mindset exercises
  • Mindful Movement and Body Relaxation practices
  • A variety of different Mindful Meditation Practices for every taste
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