Yoga and mindfulness are activities that all children are capable of, and the benefits go far beyond the home and classroom. It focuses on empowering children with tools to accept themselves and others.

She is more confident each day! She sees the importance of being active too and making sure she does stuff like yoga to keep healthy.


Below are answers to the questions we hear most frequently from teachers, parents and healthcare professionals who want to better understand how yoga and mindfulness benefits children.

We’ve yet to meet a toddler who could sit still, and this phenomenon seems to persist well into the later years! The Harmony Kids Co. programs are inspired by kids, and based on the feedback of parents, teachers and the integral honesty of students. Kids yoga activities encourage movement, dance, exploration and growth. Mindfulness, centering and guided relaxation are concepts that benefit children of all ages and are introduced through appropriate activities.

The Harmony Kids Co. activities are designed for all ability levels. It’s not about achieving perfection or rising competitively, and there are no medals or awards. Yoga is about personal growth and exploration of one’s own physical capabilities.

While many organized sports do a great job of emphasizing inclusiveness, yoga is an activity that is available to all levels of physicality. It is about personal growth and challenging yourself in a way that is comfortable. This is a concept that’s unique to yoga, and it very well suited to a child’s development and growth. Yoga and mindfulness activities are complimentary to many sports, helping kids to better manage the physical and physiological stresses of sports, school and life.

A big yes. The amazing benefits of self-regulation, calming, centering and a strengthened mind-body connection that yoga offers are particularly valuable to children with special behavioural needs like anxiety. We encourage self-exploration, expressiveness, and emphasis inclusiveness and acceptance in all of our classes and programs.

Not kids yoga. The Harmony Kids Co. programs and courses are about teaching age-appropriate yoga movement and mindfulness activities designed to help bring out the best in all children.

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