Virtual Group Workshop: Building Resiliency in Children & Youth Through Mindfulness Practices

Virtual Group Workshop: Building Resiliency in Children & Youth Through Mindfulness Practices
Virtual Group Workshop: Building Resiliency in Children & Youth Through Mindfulness Practices

Virtual Group Workshop: Building Resiliency in Children & Youth Through Mindfulness Practices

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Are you a Parent, Educator or Healthcare Professional who is ready to learn how to help children develop resiliency using mindfulness tools? Children in today’s world face many challenges and the most crucial skill for being able to move through those challenges and experience growth is resiliency. Inner resilience is not a skill that children are born with, but through regular engagement in mindfulness practices, children will discover that resilience skills can be strengthened over time.

The Building Resiliency in Children through Mindfulness Practices course is designed to offer you ways to teach children how to manage their emotions and reframe their responses to failures and mistakes. The Resilient child is able to bounce back from challenges, develop confidence and determination, and move through adolescence and adulthood with the ability to grow from life’s challenges. Discover the many benefits of Resiliency and Mindfulness for children and how to incorporate these practices into daily life at home, school or in the therapeutic setting.

Bonus: this 2 Hour Long Course comes with a Personalized Certificate of Completion

The hands-on practices shown in the course offer ways to experience how resiliency and mindfulness can work together to strengthen the four key areas of resiliency skill development including physical, mental, emotional, and social.

Physical Resiliency strategies for children include tools to manage feelings of stress and overwhelm including breathwork, mindful movement for strength and confidence, and the distraction game to develop inner resolve.

Mental Resiliency tools are offered to help children when facing challenges, including noticing negative self talk, reframing thoughts, strategies for dealing with feeling stuck and positive affirmations to find happiness.

Emotional Resiliency tips include ways for children to learn to identify different feelings, use body scan practices and experience self-regulation techniques to find a sense of calm.

Social Resiliency tools include practicing a self compassion meditation, developing healthy societal connections and building an emotional safety net with kindness-focused self care.

Included in the course are two resource guides, one for adults and one for children, which are both designed to provide everyday strategies to incorporate simple mindfulness practices for building resilience over time, learning how to cope in spite of setbacks, and view mistakes as opportunities to grow.

Mindfulness tools for children have been shown boost emotional intelligence, resilience, and feelings of self-worth for children of all ages. This course is designed to offer mindfulness techniques that help children develop confidence and determination, placing them on the path to lifelong happiness and success.

The course is taught by Jennie Abbot, Founder and Director of Harmony Kids Yoga Mindfulness Company. Jennie has shared the tools and techniques demonstrated in the course with over 75,000 children to date, ranging between the ages of 1-18 years old in a variety of educational settings. Jennie is the mother of two mindful kids and her life passion is sharing the joy of yoga and mindfulness with people everywhere, so they can live healthy and fulfilling lives!

The Learning Objectives of this Course Include:

  1. Ability to identify the benefits of resiliency in children and understand the variety of ways that mindfulness can support children to develop strong resiliency skills
  1. Ability to confidently support children when they are feeling frustrated, disappointed, stuck on a problem, lacking confidence, or overwhelmed with stress
  2. Understanding of the four main areas of resiliency development and how each of these areas can support children through adulthood
  3. To learn specialized techniques that enable parents, educators and healthcare professionals to confidently deliver mindfulness based resiliency programming to children
  4. Worksheets to develop resiliency skills including: reframing negative self talk, recognizing growth mindset traits, self care plan for difficult times, strategies for when times are hard
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