Virtual Group Workshop: Trauma Informed Yoga for Children and Youth

Virtual Group Workshop: Trauma Informed Yoga for Children and Youth

Virtual Group Workshop: Trauma Informed Yoga for Children and Youth

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Are you an adult who works with or supports children? Overwhelming statistics show that 1 in 3 people will experience trauma in their lifetime, many before the age of 16, negatively affecting physical and mental health for years after the incident. This indicates that if you support children as a Caregiver, Educator or Healthcare Professional it is inevitable that you will encounter children and youth that have had a traumatic experience. Oftentimes this trauma isn’t yet diagnosed in the children we wish to offer mindful self regulation tools to, so it is more important now than ever before to provide adaptive self regulation practices to lovingly support the needs of all children.

In this course you will learn how to identify types of trauma and the ways in which it can manifest itself in children. The course will outline a variety of trauma informed best practices for Caregivers, Educators and Healthcare Professionals. Participants will learn the many parallels between trauma sensitive yoga and trauma therapy for positively impacting children’s health and well being.

Bonus: this 2 Hour Long Course comes with a Personalized Certificate of Completion

Participants will learn how to offer children a variety of mindful self regulation practices to learn present moment awareness to reduce dysregulation caused by trauma. Together we will explore how to recognize and support students who become dysregulated during yoga or mindfulness practice. Participants will be confident and fully prepared to lead, by learning what to expect when sharing trauma informed yoga and breathwork for different ages and stages of childhood development.

The course will offer ways to teach children present moment awareness and non-judgmental acceptance of challenging emotions in order to support trauma recovery. You will learn a variety of kid-friendly breathing tools and yoga poses that calm the nervous system and counteract dysregulation. You will also learn ways to customize trauma sensitive yoga and breathwork routines that fit into daily life for kids of all ages.

It is important that adults who want to offer children calming tools understand modifications for delivering yoga and breathwork in a trauma informed setting. In this course you will learn how to create a safe, trauma informed space for children to practice yoga and breathwork. Throughout the course participants will work to create class plans that create predictability, establish routine, and offer a sense of safety. Class outlines will also include trauma sensitive language as well as ways to offer inclusive, adaptive choices to meet the needs of all students.

Trauma-sensitive Breathwork and Yoga can help children in developing a sense of safety in the body by reconnecting with breath, recognizing and accepting the present and developing self awareness through yoga. This course will support you in offering mindful movement practices that are nurturing and calming in order to support children and youth who have experienced trauma to find hope, healing and happiness.

 Course Objectives:

  1. To identify different types of trauma in children and understand the ways in which the body can hold trauma
  2. To understand the benefits of developing self regulation tools for trauma-affected children and youth and how yoga can support trauma recovery
  3. To decipher which yoga and breathwork practices are supportive and which ones may be triggering to children and youth who have experienced trauma
  4. To practice trauma sensitive grounding, breathwork, yoga and mindfulness tools for children and youth
  5. To learn how to create a lesson plans to offer breathwork and yoga that are trauma sensitive for children of all ages, while also being supportive, engaging and fun
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