Yoga Pose Kit
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Harmony Kids Yoga Pose Kit


Ready to rock Yoga Poses with kids? This Yoga Pose Kit is the perfect tool to bring yoga poses to any child, in ways that kids will love! Your kit contains age-appropriate yoga movement and mindfulness activities designed to help bring out the best in your child. Yoga offers kids improved concentration, confidence, stress management tools, increased flexibility and strength and mindful body awareness to learn healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

The Harmony Kids Yoga Pose Kit contains our most popular tools to help kids try a variety of yoga poses - the Yoga Pretzel Card Deck and Surprise Animal Bag Game, as well as our Harmony Kids Yoga Class Cards and Video to bring kids everywhere the gift of using mindful movement to bring health and happiness to their day!

Your Kit also comes with demo videos including insider tips and instruction guides to make implementing these tools simple for busy Educators, Caregivers and Healthcare Professionals with no prep or planning required!

Yoga Pose Kit Includes:

  • Introduction and Kit Overview Video
  • 8 Harmony Kids Yoga Class Outline Cards and Demo Video
  • 1 Yoga Pretzel Card Deck and Demo Video
  • 1 Class set for Pom Pom Toe-Yoga Game and Instruction Video
  • 1 Surprise Animal Bag Yoga Pose Game and Instruction Video



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