Deluxe Mindful Kit
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The Harmony Kids Deluxe Mindful Kit


The ultimate kit for your home or healthcare practice! Bring Mindfulness to children through breathing, games, crafts, sensory tools, art, and movement! The Harmony Kids Deluxe Mindful Kit will bring children the joy of mindful awareness offering life long tools while staying age appropriate, engaging, uplifting and fun!

Your Deluxe Mindful Kit Includes:

  • Introduction and Kit Overview Video
  • 1 Harmony Kids Breathing Ball with Booklet and Demo Video
  • 1 Harmony Kids Singing Bowl with Booklet and Demo Video
  • 1 Yoga Pretzel Card Deck and Demo Video
  • 1 Breathing Stick Supply Kit and Instruction Video
  • 1 Children’s Mindful Affirmation Card Deck
  • 1 Calming Jar Supply Kit and Instruction Video
  • 1 “I Am Yoga” Book by Susan Verde and Instructional Video
  • Mindful Coloring Sheets and Tips Video
  • 1 Kid Friendly Stress Ball
  • 1 Mandala Coloring Book and Instruction Video
  • 1 Supported Soul Kids Yoga Mat (Machine Washable!)

 Your Deluxe Kit also comes with demo videos including insider tips and instruction guides to make implementing these tools simple for busy Educators, with no prep or planning required!

This Kit offers our greatest $$ savings and is the ultimate mindfulness kit with everything you will need to bring positive, life changing tools for kids to enjoy for years to come!



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