Harmony Kids Breathing Kit

Harmony Kids Breathing Kit

Harmony Kids Breathing Kit

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Are you ready to make breathing a breeze? The Harmony Kids Breathing Kit is the ultimate package to bring a wide variety of interactive, dynamic and fun breathing tools to children. 
The Breathing Kit includes hands-on tools such as a breathing ball, breathing slinky, feathers and scarf. The Kit also includes a breathing craft kit to create beautiful breathing tools together that can be used to reduce stress, anxiety, sadness and worry in kids of all ages. 
All demo videos included in your kit! We've made it easier than ever to share these life-long calming tools with kids by including demo videos of each breathing tool, craft and activity found in your kit. Watch the easy-to-follow demo videos for each tool to learn how insider tips and how to enjoy our favorite Harmony Kids Breathing techniques together!
Your Harmony Kids Breathing Kit Includes: 
  • An Introduction and Kit Overview Video
  • 1 Harmony Kids Breathing Ball and Demo Video
  • 1 Breathing Stick Craft Kit and Demo Video
  • 1 Colorful Breathing Scarf and Demo Video
  • 1 set of Breathing Feathers and Demo Video
  • 1 Harmony Kids Breathing Slinky and Demo Video
  • 1 Copy of The Harmony Kids Breathing Guide
  • 4 Kids Breathing Cue Cards and Demo Video

Breathing tools can be used to demonstrate healthy breathing techniques and make leading breathing with one child or a group of children fun and easy!

Breathing has many benefits for kids including:

  • Calming the central nervous system
  • Releasing feelings of stress, anxiety, fear and sadness
  • Lowering blood pressure and stabilizing heart rate
  • Increasing concentration and focus
  • Evoking feelings of well being and inner joy

The Harmony Kids Breathing Kit is the perfect tool to introduce the concept of sharing deep, calming breathing techniques with your child to release anxiety, stress, anger and fear and help your child return to a natural state of inner calm and peace.

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